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cause were in it for the money all the groupie hunnies we want your life soo we sold out.....

ive never met someone quite like you
sorry for what ive done & put you through
I swear I must be dreaming this cant be happening
i cant help but get choked up break down & cry forgive me in the end....

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005
hm busyness

::mood::happy for a change
::music::globes & maps-soco

friday-hung out at nicoles....had some dominoes with the crew....crackwhore.crackpipe.cokeslut.timmy.danny.mikey nitz....watched jackass.....left around 10.30 cause im a looser and went to sleep....work 12-8 saturday then off to nicoles again with the same crew plus 2 more from the fXc group and jessica kelly martin iero...ya no chips, dip, soda, sweetarts all the goods and movies. then slept at jess' and we had a little date with mr.daniels and pretzels and the olsen twins hahahah sunday we woke up and i sang while she played possibly an open mic thing but we'll see then we went to my house to burn some cds then work 4.30-9.30 then picked up mikey nitz from work and brought him home. monday the horrible day turned out not soo bad hung out with dan the man.nikkki ap.sha sha.mikey nitz.ken.tim went to mcdonalds then best buy and then watched mike run up a snow hill and today went to the babylon docks and slept in my car there til like 9.30 then went home made a grilled cheese sandwich and off to school i went around 10.30 then after school i sat at home for a bit til nicole called me and asked if i could pump her gas hahah then we picked up the boys nitzy and danny at school and we went to the beach cold but enjoyable then to wendys and then i had work which wasnt that bad since i practically got paid to hang out with my friends got into a little trouble and here i sit just about ready for bed......gunna wrap up the convos and then go to sleep...

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005
laugh it up wednesday

::music::Matchbook Romance:If All Else Fails

today went to school stayed up almost all day i only fell asleep third pd for 15 mins i swear!! then after school met up with Tim to go pick up Jess and Megan at the whore store....haha we paid for them did we not..anyway then we went to my house watched the notebook then some sports illustrated modeling thing then i dropped the girls off and Tim and i decided to just drive not knowing where to go eventually we needed a drink soo we stopped off at the micky dees and i swear i dont go anywhere with him and not laugh i dont think that i could ever get upset when hes around.  we are BFFL i dont think that my life would be that good w.o him in it right now.  anyhow we were singing and it was getting pretty serious til we both lost it and my voice aint to good to begin with soo it got real bad and then stopped at my house to depart now i sit here and ive debated too long about weather or not i should watch Free Willy or Aladdin because im a dork soo i guess ill just wait for Ashlee to come on...nite everyone

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Monday, February 07, 2005

::music::hopesfall:it happens

soo today i started out my day in traffic with an egg sandwich and my sister by my side we didnt think we'd make it but we did.....and with time to spare!! i visited Purchase today and not only was the tour guide AWSOME but i fucking love that college and i want to go there so bad. i cant even imagin staying home now.  i am going to be sitting in anxiety until i get that letter that starts in "Ms. Jennifer Timmers We are pleased to inform you...." or "Ms. Jennifer Timmers We regret to inform you that your a fucking looser" well at least that's what it would feel like.  the campus is amazing, the classes are amazing, and the people are amazing.  i wanna go!! well after that i drove around in daddy's truck for a little bit....tim came over....i started to fall asleep about 80 times and he wouldnt let me soo we took a little trip to the BK lounge...Best Buy and FYE then did a lap around the mall and came home watched one episode of the OC and its bed time. 

later JT

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Sunday, February 06, 2005
i guess im giving up on love.....

::music::the ataris-giving up on love

this week has been up and down jesus i dont think that ive felt the same way for more that 10 hours since last sunday.  but i learn alot from weeks like this...i learn to appreciate the people im surrounded by that care for me and really listen to me bitch (tim, nicole, jess..just a few) and who i really would go out of my way to protect no matter how fucked up things get...i dont know why im soo giving sometimes and why i try to make people happy i really dont understand why my mind works this way but im just trying to find someone to appreciate me back cause its hurts to be like this all the time....and i miss my mom and my kids like crazy i wish they were here thats been kiling me too...i wish i were 7 again the only thing i had to worry about was what tim rugrats was on, when i was gunna sleep over carries house again, if my mom was gunna let me have ice cream tonight, and making sure i was lipsyncing TLC in the car because carrie and her dad really didnt feel like listening to my singing..well enough of my bitching things could be worse and i get my dad's car tomorrow soo i think ill be ok.....i love these kids soo much!!!!

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Wednesday, May 26, 2004
ha haha


1. Jack: skellington
2. James: pernal
3. Chris: gurt
4. Heather: lockame
5. Ryan: forster
6. Samantha: miller
7. Beth: cruise
8. Danny: devito
9. Kelly: muller
10. Stephanie: timmers
11. Michelle: martin
12. Stacy: megan tufells friend
13. Teresa: timmers
14. Russell: crowe
15. Jacob: from otown
16. Phillip: adams
17. Jake: less than
18. Adam: nicholls
19. Brian: kennedy
20. Nick: kelly
21. Tasha:
22. Sarah: ramos
23. Amanda: piccininni
24. Richard: tammys ex
25. Tory: amos
26. Wes: borland

27. Linda: lod in yellow world
28. Bridgette: Jones diary
29. Tim: my imaginary frend
30. Joel: madden
31. Elise: yawney
32. Brooke: buchannan
33. Sophie:
34. David: chapelle
35. John: wodhanil and wodhanil jr
36. Kevin: tinelli
Clay: aiken
38. Judd: ashely
39. Sally: field
40. Christina: Aguilara
41. TJ: jedlika
42. Tate:
43. Nikki: brothers new g/f
44. Petunia: flower
45. Mandi: moore
46. Craig: ostrande
51. Betsy: the cow
52. Eric: wodhanil
53. Sean: my korean bud
54. Ashley: soto

'Bout Me

[It is always a pleasure to hear from...] nana
[The weather this month has been...] sunny and rainy
[I am hoping that...] I go to south hampton
[Right now I am listening to...] soco-cavanaugh park
[I wish, intensely, that I had some...] will power
[There is something extraordinarily fascinating about...] boys in bands
[I have been wishing for...] someone to love with love in return
[When I'm in New York, I'll...] be home
[I need not tell you how much I enjoy...] loveing sharks
[I love to sit on...] my boat
[It makes me extremely proud to...] be a sister
[I have been trying to get together...] money
[In my opinion, most people are...] mean arrogent and ignorant
[I am wholly in favor of...] tattoos
[How fortunate I am to...] have everything ive been given
[I am somewhat lazy about...] 
homework and my room
[The last weird thing I ate was...] lobster sause with rice
[Today I am hoping to...] finish my spanish and health project
[Right now, I am feeling...] tired
[One of the first things I do when I wake up is...] hit the snooze and roll over to kiss my blankie
[I shall be much interested in...] driving around with boys
[Every now and then, I think of...] the friendships i wish never faded away
[Right now, I am hearing...] the dehumidafier
[Tomorrow I am going to...]  go out with my mom
[I could not live without...] family 


15 things I learned my Freshman year.


1. you are small and insignificant

2. Everyone talks behind everyones back

3. your friends talk about you even if they say they dont

4. your either always gunna be in class or your not

5. the popular girls go out with the eleventh graders

6. study hall is essential first period

7. You get new best frends

8. sleepovers are the best

9. People you know, change, some for the good.. and some for the bad

10. nothing is really that hard

11. everyone smokes pot, drinks and does drugs

12. high school looks cooler in movies

13. your gunna cry alot in high school

14. Guys are ass holes.. no matter what!

15. Stick with your true friends, they will always be there

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Monday, May 24, 2004

::mood::happy as a calm
::music::matchbook romance-tiger lily

well today i didnt wanna go to school to begin with becasue i didnt get enough sleep and then what happens the school goes on fire and we get to leave third period...scoorrreee x 10 soo i chilled with nicole and jess at nicoles and then went out with matthew and then drivers ed and guess what i fucking passed my practice road test and i was being graded very strictly soo if i get an asshole instructor then ill still pass because of my .....skills haha yea soo im happy and then i chilled with matt again and joey and ok me havent played pool in years and i beat matt and joey the first time i play again....hahhahah they were like wtf are you a shark jen (matt)-joey dont bet any money....haha anyway that was fun then slurpies then just chillin nice and relaxed sept when mike had to go to bobs and we were all running in the pouring rain other then that it was fine....now i sit tired going to sleep soon....later kids

jess i swear one day we will get arrested for indecent exposure in public....because were girls and we always have to pee....haha

we drive tonight and you are by my side were talking about our lives like we've known each other forever the time flies by with the sound of your voice its close to paradise with the end surley near and if i could only stop the car and hold onto you and never let go ill never let go  as we round the corner to your house you turned to me and said  ill be going through withdrawal of you for this one night we have spent and i want to speak these words but i guess ill just bite my tongue and except someday somehow as the words that well hang from and i i dont want to speack these words cause i i dotn want to make things any worse why does tonight have to end why dont we hit restart and pause it at our favorite parts well skip the goodbyes if i had it my way ill turn the car around and run away just you and i

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Sunday, May 23, 2004

::mood::relief and happiness
::music::soco-punk rock princess

well last night was extremely interesting first me n jess watched peter pan (i do believe in fairies i do i do) then we took the car again! and picked up megan and stuff and then we went to see matt then we went to wendys and ummm on the way home it was tragic very bad but since my family finds out everything over the internet about me instead of acutally talking to me i think im gunna leave that part out and then we went and picked up matt at his house like the plan and then we decided since there were lots of cops out that we would drop the car off and get in matts car and we did and then we go to visit mike at his job....sitting and smoking blunts.....and then i decided to let out some fluid and what do megan and jess do they start honking the horn at like 2 in the am and i was about to say you guys you shouldnt have done that someones gunna wake up but then thats when the alarm went off in matts car and mike drives over matt jumps out of the car and saves the day ::sigh:: then yells because he cant leave us in the car for five minutes alone and then i was like "i was peeing it wasnt me" and then we left got gas and then matt let us all drive i must say that megan is a mighty fine driver...jess on the other hand third time driving and she was doin good very good and then she drives up onto the island in the middle of the rainbow village court .....waaaaaat a loooser jess you were cuttin it too short in the truck ok but not matts little car ...anyway then i drove and took us to jess's said goodnite to megan and matthew and then me and jess went inside to discuss the tragic moment in our lives ....we have concluded that we are extremely fucked up when we think that were gunna get in trouble we think "shit i have soo many shows to go to that im gunna miss....damn it" instead of "omg omg my parents are gunna kill me im gunna be grounded for soo long" nope its the shows and not seeing steve klein and paul remund ohhh that would be the end of my life....well that was such and exciting night....now i need to get ready for work....later kids...

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004
up and coming events

::mood::ehh good i suppose
::music::new nfg cd

well i have many events to remember since the new found glory cd came out soo im gunna put them here.....

hmm..june seventh= road test...june eleventh=last day of school & autopilot off and riddlin kids show...june twelth=my chemical romance and boys night out...june fourteenth=fall out boy..week of june 14th and 21st finals and shizzle.....ahh too much stuff soo little money

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Tuesday, May 18, 2004
whats today!!!!!!!

::mood::reall good


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Tuesday, May 11, 2004
its definatly a tuesday

::mood::just chill
::music::hanson:if only

well today was very boring in school....blahhhh....then me and jess were walking home in this desert like weather were on keith lane half way there and what happens billys clone drives by and we both spin then jess "ITS KENNY" ::jess running down the block at full speed and gets to the corner:: "Jen hes right there"::whisper:: ::jen waddle runs down the block to the fence and watches as the gorgeous human of the male species walks to a door:: we were soo excited he is soo gorgeous ::sigh:: then we walked home talked about kenny for about a half hour then we went up the stairs and then back down a little while later to get the hair done...unfortunatly a boy asked us to go to the beach but we couldnt ::sad face:: its ok though...were gunna hang out umm friday i believe and for dinner jess made me a burger that was only cooked on the edges then it was raw....no good although her parents find that appealing...sheep and kimmy called me and kimmy got me a present and after i got home from jess's i went for a walk to see kimmy and she gave it to me and its non other then a bag that looks like  a converse sneaker!!!!! crazy shit its really really cool!! i love her :)

tomorrow is my great day!! i get to talk to the guy that used to work at admissions at south hampton! its great..im gettin in...even my dad said that if i dont he doesnt know what were gunna do! cause i will have no hope then....but we'll see what happens...ahh not a bad day i would say

peace outtt

i dont wanna know..your eyes were covered in sunglasses when they first met mine....i sat there and stared at you, you didnt seem to mind..the awkward ways we meet...first comes heavy breathing staring at the celing... what will happen next i dont wanna know... i never cared how i dressed before but i cared that night...anticipation ran through my bones and my clothes never fit right i cant wait til we meet again..pictures start to be put on the wall constant visits while im out on the road..its hard to leave him sometimes but you know where i lay my head at night.......

-new found glory-

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